What is Retail Stores Control?

It’s a Visual Merchandising management cloud tool that centrally manages the flow of communication with your retail stores via any device connected to the internet in order to unify Visual Merchandising criteria effectively and productively..
Verifying that all the Visual Merchandising guidelines for all the stores of any group are complied with is vital.

Retail Stores Management
Digital communication

In-store portable devices provide easy access to information at any time and in any place. Employees thus receive messages quickly, without having to neglect customers.

Retail Stores Management
Visual communication

The likelihood of the in-store teams perfectly implementing the visual merchandising campaigns in the way head office has conceived them is greater if visual information is provided.

Retail Stores Management
Two-way communication

Allowing rapid feedback improves employee satisfaction and commitment, which in turn generates better customer experiences in physical stores. Happy employee = happy customer = happy sale.

We’re changing retail management

The general administrator can generate the criteria to be followed by each store upon the basis of the chosen patterns or parameters, ensuring in real time that each store complies with the visual line established in the brand’s Visual Merchandising .

Why is it different?
Retail Stores Management

General features

Most retailers know that there is much more to selling than meets the eye. In fact, good Visual Merchandising is key to the success of a store. Retail Stores Control is a simple but powerful and effective tool. It allows fluid and visual communication with retail stores.

  • Generate actions with one or more stores.
  • Perform corrections by “drawing” over the photographs received.
  • Attach a photograph or reference documentation for the store/s.
  • Monitor the store feedback in real time.
  • Chronological flow of the actions.
  • Automatic announcements after each action.
More details
Retail Stores Management Retail Stores Management