Much more than a Visual Merchandising tool

Retail Stores Control not only controls the company’s Visual Merchandising strategy, it also enables report models to be generated for the management and supervision of the various internal control factors.

Visual Merchandising management has never been so easy

  • Generate actions with one or more stores.
  • Perform corrections by “drawing” over the photographs received.
  • Attach a photograph or reference documentation for the store/s.
  • Monitor the store feedback in real time.
  • Chronological flow of the actions.
  • Automatic announcements after each action.

In-store inspection management

  • Generation of Q&A models divided into categories.
  • List of inspection and/or supervision managers.
  • Assignment of the inspection/store model.
  • Real-time control of the reports completed during each inspection.
  • Automatic average score for each completed model.
  • Automatic announcements after each action.
  • Rapidly view which stores comply with the quality standards of the brand or otherwise.

Your cloud solution is Retail Stores Control

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Advantages and benefits

Retail Stores Control it’s a cloud solution that allows a totally transparent integration with your work team providing a tool that favors communication in retail management without distorting the pace of work.

Multi-platform solution

Retail Stores Control it’s a solution that doesn’t require any kind of installation, any device with an internet connection or a current web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)

Rapid and transparent integration

Its simple and intuitive interface makes it possible to integrate Retail Stores Control into all your retail stores within a given period, without competition and without having to involve the IT department.

Scalable system

As it’s a cloud system, the scalability of the service is guaranteed, including multinational companies with retailers from all over the world.

Encrypted communication

Encrypted communication by means of an SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption and an HTTPS protocol.

A powerful and intuitive management panel

With an attractive and functional design, Retail Stores Control is an intuitive and friendly web environment tool with clearly understandable and user-friendly features.

Sectors of application

Retail Stores Control it offers so much versatility that it’s a valid cloud solution for most retail sectors, a few of which we highlight below...

Retail Stores Control Department stores
Department stores
Retail Stores Control Supermarkets
Retail Stores Control Fashion
Retail Stores Control Footwear
Retail Stores Control Leather goods
Leather goods
Retail Stores Control Gourmet
Retail Stores Control Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables
Retail Stores Control Perfumeries
Retail Stores Control Opticians
Retail Stores Control Sports goods
Sports goods
Retail Stores Control Toy shops
Toy shops
Retail Stores Control Wines and spirits
Wines and spirits
Retail Stores Control Banking
Retail Stores Control Jewellery stores
Jewellery stores
Retail Stores Control ... and many more...
... and many more...